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***Hello Dynaspeak Students!***

How to order your textbooks:

1) 'Sign Up' at the top right of the home page. Enter your name, email, regular home address and create a password.

2) Select the book or books you want and add them to the cart.

3) Choose 'Ship to Dynaspeak Language School' (If you choose this option, you get free delivery, and it will go to your language school, not your home address.)

4) Add a 'note' to tell us which Dynaspeak campus you attend: 

Queen St, Albany, Botany, New Lynn or Manukau.
Note: If you wish for us to deliver your book to your home, you may choose another delivery option.

5) Pay with your Credit Card.

 When we receive your payment, we will deliver your book to your Dynaspeak campus with your name on it.