French Verb Drills

Author(s): R. De Roussy De Sales

French Grammar

Get the expert instruction you want and the practice you need with the conjugation of French verbs - with bonus online interactive exercises. "French Verb Drills" helps you overcome the obstacles of French verbs, so that you can confidently use verbs when expressing yourself in French. This book explains how the French verb system works, while providing numerous exercises for you to master each point covered. It features: clear explanations of conjugations followed by numerous exercises; and free online exercises available at to assess your skills once you have completed the book. Topics covered include: Regular Verbs, Infinitive, Present indicative of regular -er verbs, Present indicative of regular -ir verbs and interrogative forms, Present indicative of regular -re verbs and negative form, The imperative, The present participle, The future, The conditional, The imperfect past review, Aetre and avoir (present, future, conditional, and imperfect), The past participle, The passe compose; Aetre or avoir? The passe simple, The present subjunctive, The past (or perfect) subjunctive and the pluperfect subjunctive, The imperfect subjunctive, Reflexive verbs review, -Cer verbs that change -c- into -c-, -Ger verbs that add a mute -e-, Verbs with a mute -e- that changes into -e-, Verbs with an -e- that changes into -e-, Verbs ending in -yer that change -y- into -i-, This title also covers: Verbs ending in -eler or -eter that double the consonant , Aetre and avoir (all tenses), Compound tenses with avoir, Compound tenses with etre, Passive voice, Irregular Verbs, Vouloir, pouvoir, savoir, Dormir, prendre, ouvrir, Aller, venir, voir, Faire, mettre, connaitre, Impersonal verbs (falloir, pleuvoir, neiger), Battre, boire, conduire, Courir, craindre, croire, Devoir, dire, ecrire, Lire, mourir, naitre, Plaire, recevoir, rire, Suivre, tenir, vaincre, Vivre, valoir, and S'asseoir.

About the author:
R. de Roussy de Sales is a native speaker and eductor of French.


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