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No class is complete without at least one set of Erasable Cool Cubes™. You can use them for all kinds of lessons no matter what language you teach. Use the cubes for independent study, team review or whole-class prompts. For world languages use them for adjective agreement, articles and infinitives. A popular game is to group the students in fours, write the infinitives on one cube, pronouns on the other, tell the class the tense and let the students roll the cubes. Or use them for role-play and dialogues, and writing prompts to review parts of speech, figurative language, literature, poetry, and more. Have the students erase the words and try another game. They will be laughing and learning at the same time! Elementary school, middle school, high school. All levels.

One Erasable Cool Cube Set (E1535) includes:

  • Four 3 x 3 x 3 inch cubes in red, yellow, blue and green

  • Generous 2-3/8 dry-erase writing space on each side of the cube

  • 1 black wet-erase marker

  • Suggestion sheet for language arts and social studies

  • Re-usable storage bag

Download a long list of dice games here.



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